• AFE

    Analogue front-end.

  • AMC Module

    An AMC Module is a mezzanine or modular add-on card that extends the functionality of a Carrier Board. The term is also used to generically refer to the different varieties of Multi-Width and Multi-Height Modules.

  • BaseMod

    Base-band input/output mezzanine.

  • COTS

    Commercial off-the-shelf. Product which is designed and can be easily purchased.

  • EEM

    Eurocard Extension Module is a Sinara standard for low-cost, low-bandwidth peripherals that are controlled by ARTIQ DRTIO.

  • Fat Pipes

    Ports 4 though 11 of the AMC Connector constitute the Fat Pipes Region. This Region of Ports is intended for the assignment of multiple Lane interfaces, also called “fat pipes”. Fat Pipe 1 [Ports 4-7], Fat Pipe [Ports 8-11].

  • FMC

    FPGA Mezzanine Card

  • Hot Swap

    To remove a component (e.g., an AMC Module) from a system (e.g., an AMC Carrier AdvancedTCA Board) and plug in a new one while the power is still on and the system is still operating.

  • IPMB

    Intelligent Platform Management Bus. The lowest level hardware management bus as described in the Intelligent Platform Management Bus Communications Protocol Specification.

  • Management Power or MP

    The 3.3V power for a Module’s Management function, individually provided to each Slot by the Carrier

  • MGT

    Multi-Gigabit Transceiver.

  • MixMod

    An up-converting mezzanine, using an analogue IQ mixer to mix the input and output RF signals with a LO supplied by Sayma.

  • MCH

    MicroTCA Carrier Hub. Board which manages whole uTCA crate.

  • MMC

    Module Management Controller. The MMC is the required intelligent controller that manages the Module and is interfaced to the Carrier via IPMB-Local.

  • RFBP

    RF Backplane.

  • RTM

    Rear Transition Module.

  • Sayma

    Smart Arbitrary Waveform Generator, providing 8 channels of 1.2 GSPS 16-bit DACs (2.4 GHz DAC clock) and 125 MSPS 16-bit ADCs. It consists of an AMC, providing the high-speed digital logic, and a RTM, holding the data converters and analog components.

  • Sinara

    Open-source hardware ecosystem originally designed for use in quantum physics experiments running the ARTIQ control software. It is licensed under CERN OHL v1.2.

  • uTCA

    Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture. MicroTCA is a modular, open standard for building high performance computer systems in a small form factor.