Sayma is a hardware that supports M-Lab’s Smart Arbitrary Waveform Generator (SAWG) gateware. It provides 8 channels of 1.2 GSPS 16-bit DACs (2.4 GHz DAC clock). It consists of an AMC, providing the high-speed digital logic and memory, and an RTM, holding the data converters and low-noise analog components.

The design files are located in Sayma AMC and Sayma RTM repositories. PDF schematics are located in release section of each repository. The PCBs are double width, mid height AMC module.


  • May be used in a uTCA rack or stand-alone operation with fibre-based DRTIO link

  • Analog input and output front-ends provided by plug-in RF Front-End Mezzanines modules (eg. BaseMod) for maximum flexibility.

  • High channel density - 8 output channels per board, up to 12 boards per crate.

  • FMC LPC slot

Schematic / Layout Viewer

Hardware was designed under Altium Designer CAD tool. Project resources are in separate repositories. Read-only access to PCB schematics and layout designs is possible using free tool called Altium Designer viewer.

Sayma AMC

Sayma RTM