• PRI_UART is connected to FPGA, configuration depends on FPGA (usually 8N1 115200 baudrate)

  • AUX_UART is connected to FPGA, configuration depends on FPGA

  • MMC_CONS_PROG is connected to Managment CPU, configuration is 8N1 115200 baudrate (can be changed by changing settings in Managment CPU firmware)

USB-UART bridge

Usually on Windows 10 and Linux no additional drivers are needed for the USB-UART bridge (FT4232H). Please refer to the FTDI website in case of missing drivers in your system. Drivers allow the user to communicate with the USB interface via a standard PC serial emulation port (TTY).

These UART console appear usually as /dev/ttyUSB1 through /dev/ttyUSB3 on Linux if no other ttyUSB devices are connected (ttyUSB1 - PRI_UART, ttyUSB2 - AUX_UART, ttyUSB3 - MMC_CONS_PROG). /dev/ttyUSB0 is in this case a JTAG connection, usually used by openocd. On Windows with correct drivers, FTDI usually appears as 4 consecutive COM ports. The latter 3 are PRI_UART, AUX_UART and MMC_CONS_PROG.